European Asphalt Technology Association

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10th meeting
EATA 2023 Gdansk
June 12–14, 2023
Gdanzk, Poland

11th meeting:
Ancona, Italy, 2025

eata, the European Asphalt Technology Association, is an informal organisation of European engineers and scientists involved in Asphalt Technology Research. They hold a technical meeting every two or three years and publish a volume of the papers which are presented and discussed. Attendance is open to anyone with an interest in the field from around the world. eata was founded at the University of Nottingham in 2004, can trace its origins there back to 1973 and was inspired by the activities of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists in the USA that was formed in 1924.


eata does not have a formal membership. Its activities are overseen by a Steering Group and the technical meetings are organised by a group in the host city. This group also takes responsibility for the volume of published papers.

Mission statement

To create regular opportunities in Europe for asphalt technologists involved in research and development to meet and exchange ideas in their field with a view to advancing and improving the application of asphalt technology in engineering practice and to publish a volume of peer reviewed papers in asphalt technology at regular intervals.

Technical interests

  • material properties,
  • asphalt mixture design,
  • pavement structural design and performance,
  • sustainable materials and construction,
  • pavement asset management,
  • pavement maintenance and preservation,
  • interaction of pavement structures and the environment,
  • pavement surface characteristics,
  • construction innovation.

ISAP eata is a member of the network of ISAP, the International Society For Asphalt Pavements.